YFC Club Activities

To support YFC clubs in Wales as they plan their programmes for the coming months, please find below downloads of activities that you may wish to consider. More suggestions will be added as the weeks go by and if you have any ideas that you would like to share with other clubs and counties, please send details through to the YFC centre at information@yfc-wales.org.uk

Light Club Activities

The below activities can be combined to or used individually to provide entertainment on a Virtual or Socially Distanced Club Night.

YFC Sessions

Trying to organise a club night, but tired of the usual quiz night or scavenger hunt?

Then why not take a look at the newly launched YFC Sessions!

If you’re a YFC member, or a club programme secretary then head over and take a look at the YFC Sessions we have planned for March and April. You can sign up to these as an individual or as a club. So what are you waiting for? Book your club on to one of our sessions, and let Wales YFC organise your club night for you.

Games Night In

You’ve seen the hit TV Game Show – well now is your time to recreate the challenges for yourself.

Who will be the Taskmaster? What will the challenges be? And who will come out on top? Start the fun by clicking on the above image. A small donation is required upon Signing up.

Game for a quiz? Keen to solve a mystery?

Eager to Escape? Love the thrill of a horse race?

Macmillan have created a “Games Night In” bundle for individuals to have some virtual fun. To receive everything you need to host any of the activities listed above, click on the image right, and sign up on the website! A small donation is required upon Signing up.

Natural Resource Wales

An innovative game to show participants what is edible when foraging for food in the wild, and what isn’t.

Click the image for instructions on how to play and the answers. And the button below for the associated picture cards.

A guessing game, aimed to develop individuals knowledge of insects and animal features, behaviours and habitats.

Click the image for instructions on how to play; and the buttons below for the associated resource cards.

A “True or False” based game to highlight the importance and benefits of bogs and wetland.

Click the image for instructions on how to play; and the buttons for the associated resource cards.


Talking online has become a big part of our lives. When you switch on, do you really “tune in” to what others say?

Scouts have created this activity in partnership with The Rail Industry to encourage members to express their own views, listen to others, and understand what other people are trying to tell you.

Click on the image right for instructions on how to play the game. There are also some additional resources below regarding where to seek help and how to help a friend.

Guest Speakers


Kidscape, a national anti bullying charity have partnered up with Wales YFC to offer free virtual or face to face workshops for members and volunteers.

Click the logo for further information.


The team at Innovis is ready to welcome you to a discussion evening with its guest speakers; or for Virtual Farm Tours.

To view the range of activities and contact details, click on the image nearby.

BRO 360

Are you a club looking for safe activity to take place in the New Year? Bro360 has the answer for you!

They’ve created “Story-Challenge” (Her-Straeon): a set of fun creative challenges for members to complete as a team.

One of the Bro360 team will visit you (from a distance – via Zoom or Teams) on your club night, and guide you through the fun challenges by presenting different scenarios. Your task will be to complete 3 different challenges within the hour.

To organizing a session … Contact Lowri: post@bro360.cymru.

Note: Ask for the session to be delivered through the language of your choice.