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Mae CFfI Cymru’n gyffrous i gyhoeddi y byddwn yn cychwyn amryw o sesiynau blas YN RHAD AC AM DDIM i aelodau’r mudiad.

Mae’r sesiynau yma wedi eu creu er mwyn rhoi rhywbeth yn ôl i aelodau. Oherwydd ni fedrwn gwrdd yn gymdeithasol ar nosweithiau clwb – pam ddim cymdeithasu’n rhithiol a dysgu sgil newydd ar yr un pryd trwy sesiwn CFfI (neu ddau)?

Wales YFC is excited to announce that we will be hosting a variety of taster sessions FREE OF CHARGE to all of our members.

The YFC sessions are designed to give members a little something extra for their membership this year. As we cannot meet physically for a club night – why not socialise with friends virtually and learn a new skill at the same time, by taking part in a YFC session (or two)?

Sut i gymryd rhan?

  1. Cymrwch gipolwg ar y sesiynau sydd ar gael isod
  2. Cofrestra ar y sesiwn / sesiynau trwy glicio ar y lluniau
  3. Byddwn yn danfon y linc a’r cyfrinair draw atat 48 awr cyn i’r sesiwn gychwyn

How to take part?

  1. Take a look at the sessions listed below
  2. Register for the session(s) by clicking on the images
  3. We will send the link and the passcode for you to access the session 48 hours before it takes place

Ebrill | April

Addurno Cacen | Cake Decorating

With everyone experimenting over the lockdown period, baking has become a popular hobby. So why not up your baking game, and join this cake decorating session hosted by Llinos Foulkes?

Language of delivery: Bilingual

Note: New Date

Thursday 29th of April at 7:00pm

Gohebydd Lleol | Local Reporter

What makes a good story? What stories are of interest to people? How can you utilise the platforms and contacts you have to put your local club on the map? Just a few of the questions that will be answered in this conversational session held by Lowri Jones.

Language of delivery: Welsh (An English session is scheduled for a later date).

Note: New Date

Tuesday 27th of April at 7:00pm

Mai | May

Gyrfaoedd Llaeth Seland Newydd | New Zealand Dairy Careers

Has COVID-19 caused you to re-evaluate your next year? Then why not dive head first, and head to New Zealand to experience an adventure, be part of their dairy industry and earn money while doing it.

The team at NZ Dairy Careers are looking for 18 to 30 year olds, passionate about working in the dairy industry, to join them once the borders re-open. So why not join our session to see if this is the opportunity for you!

Language of delivery: English

Gohebydd Lleol | Local Reporter

What makes a good story? What stories are of interest to people? How can you utilise the platforms and contacts you have to put your local club on the map? Just a few of the questions that will be answered in this conversational session held by Daniel Johnson.

Language of delivery: English

Arloesi mewn Amaethyddiaeth a Ffermio heb ddwylo | Innovation in Agriculture & Hands Free Farming

In this talk, Kit Franklin will highlight the progress made on his own research project the Hands Free Farm, the first in the world to try and farm entirely with automated systems. Plus a round-up of the advancements of agricultural robots from around the world.

Language of delivery: English

Gweithdy Drama | Drama Workshop

Have you missed being on the stage performing with you club?

Missed the rehearsal fun? Or playing the “Panto-Dame”?

Well, why not give our Drama Workshop a go, to get you back in the swing of acting, in preparation of pulling off your next BIG performance?

Meeting ID: 955 42512131

Passcode: 597208

Language of delivery: Bilingual

Newid Hinsawdd | Climate Change

There is no longer any debate – climate change is one of the greatest issues of our time. How do we know? And what will the impacts be on UK climate and the consequences for UK agriculture? This session will explore these questions, introduce the science on which this knowledge is based, and show you a glimpse of how the future may be if we continue with “business as usual”, and it is not pretty!

Language of delivery: English

Mehefin | June

Colur Theatrig | Theatrical Makeup

After last month’s drama workshop, you’re feeling excited for the forthcoming YFC acting competitions, and to be back on the stage doing what you do best. But how can you deliver if you don’t look the part?

Well we’ve got you covered! Join our Theatrical Make-up Session in the capable and talented hands of Emma Locke. You’ll be ready to take to the stage and shine following this session – so be sure to join us!

Language of delivery: English

Bydd hi’n Beiriannydd | She will be an Engineer

This session will be run by a female engineering student at Harper Adams University, Anita Woolf. She’ll be discussing the key things she has learnt on her course, as well as some fun trivia about engineering degrees and careers.

Language of delivery: English

Colur gyda’r Nos | Evening Makeup

With restrictions beginning to ease, now is the chance for us to leave the house a little more often, and the time for us to dress up for any occasion. But after a year of being in and out of lock-down, do you remember how to put your make-up on?

Join us, as Emma shares some practical tips on how to get your desired look for any occasion.

Language of delivery: English

Bywyd fel Syrfëwr Siartredig Gwledig | Life as a Rural Chartered Surveyor

Grow your future – a career in Rural Chartered Surveying can offer a huge range of tasks and excitement each day. Join lecturer Andy Black in hearing what some industry professionals, graduates and students have been getting up to as a Rural Chartered Surveyor.

Language of delivery: English

Dweud eich dweud | Have your say

Beth hoffech chi weld?

Pam ddim lleisio eich barn trwy adael i ni wybod beth hoffech chi weld nesaf – a gwneuth tîm CFfI ei gorau i wneud eich dymuniad yn realiti (o fewn rheswm!).

What would you like to see?

Why not have your say, and let us know what you’d like to see – and let the YFC team make your wish a reality (within reason!).

Am gymryd yr awenau?

Cysylltwch gyda ni gyda’r manylion o’r sesiwn hoffech chi gynnal.

Want to take the lead?

Send us a message giving details of the type of session you would like to host.

Ddim yn aelod o CFfI? | Not a YFC Member?

Paid â phoeni – mae yna dal gyfle i ymuno a chlwb CFfI yn dy ardal leol. Clicia ar y map (dde) i weld pa glwb medru’r ymuno â.

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