Despite the Coronavirus outbreak hindering the YFC competitions calendar, members of Ceredigion YFC still have cause to celebrate winning both the Beynon Thomas and Western Mail trophy for a third time in a row at the Wales YFC virtual AGM.

For the third year running, Ceredigion YFC have been awarded the Beynon Thomas trophy, awarded for the highest number of points scored by Junior members, and the Western Mail trophy, presented to the winners of the highest number of points in all Wales competitions throughout the year.

This is a tremendous feat and is testament to the hard work and commitment of Ceredigion Federations members and trainers to the opportunities presented by the movement.

Even with the official YFC competitions calendar cut short and compelled to create opportunities virtually, presenting brand new modes of competing to members such as the virtual Royal Welsh Show, Ceredigion still managed to come out on top proving that the age old attitude of ‘give it a go’ – synonymous with YFC, is as important now, as ever.

Esyllt Jones, Ceredigion Chairman, said;

“It’s been a very different year for us as a County, due to the virus and various face to face competition cancelled and held virtually but winning the Beynon Thomas Trophy for the younger members, and the Western Mail Trophy for the winning county is a great achievement for us as a county – It shows that even in a middle of a pandemic anything is possible.

“As a County Chair, I’m so proud of everything the members have achieved and accomplished in the last 12 months – from the competing to helping the vulnerable in their communities. I’m very thankful for all members of Ceredigion, as well as their trainers, who have tried their very best over the year to ensure we brought the trophies back to Ceredigion”.