Welsh is heard all over the world by now, with many songs streamed world wide, celebs learning the language and podcasts of all sorts being produced. The possibilities are endless – have a look what’s of interest to you.

Y Clwb Can Mil

Many Welsh language songs have reached a million streams by now, after Alffa broke the record for the first Welsh song with ‘Gwenwyn’ –  listen to the songs that have reached the million.

Wales YFC Musician Playlist

Wales YFC are very fortunate that our members are so talenteg, many have released their own music – here’s an extract of them. Are there more? Let us know!

Yma o Hyd

This song has now become an anthem for Wales’ Football Team at the World Cup, a song that was written 40 years ago having relived.

Y Pod

With podcasts being so various by now, Welsh language podcasts are of course amongst them from every genre, including Wales YFC’s podcast ‘CFfI a Fi’, take a look to see what’s of interest to you.

Radio Cymru 2

In addition to Radio Cymru, there’s a second Welsh radio station introducing Welsh and English music, every morning, what better way to wake up?


A video channel that gives young people of Wales a platform through comedy.


There’s a variety of programmes on S4C and also on their website for Welsh learners.

Iechyd Da, Mitching or Cwtch

Which one of these Welsh colloquialisms (slang) is fake?When you think you’ve got the answer click right as Ruth Jones unveils the answer!