Something remarkable has happened recently in the Welsh language music scene. There is a spirit and a sense of creative freedom that has energised young music makers.

DJ Huw Stephens, 2019


So why not fall head first into the Welsh Music Scene? Go on a road trip with some of your favourite celebrities? Loose yourself in a podcast? Or just bob along to some Celtic tunes? The possibilities are endless.

Y Pod

What’s better than loosing yourself in a podcast? Well loosing yourself in a Welsh on of course!

Y Pod is a platform where you can find all the podcasts ever recorded in Welsh, including the “CFfI a Fi” podcast

Cân yr wythnos | Song of the week

Bringing you all the best songs from the Welsh Music Scene – “Song of the Week” hopes to highlight some of the wonderful songs Welsh bands and artists have to offer

Which will be your favourite?

S4C Clic

Why not watch “Iaith ar Daith” on S4C Clic, and follow some of your favourite celebrities as they venture around Wales learning the language.

So what are you waiting for, pop the kettle on and unwind

Iechyd Da, Mitching or Cwtch

Which one of the following Welsh colloquialisms (slang) is fake?When you think you’ve got the answer click right as Ruth Jones unveils the answer!