August 2023

Abergavenny YFC

Name of Club:

Abergavenny YFC, Gwent

Number of Members:


Where you Meet:

Llanarth Social Club

Describe your Club in 3 words:

Young, enthusiastic, competitive

Favourite Club Night Activity:

Driving range or rounders and BBQ night!

Fundraising Accomplishments:

This year we put on an additional performance of our winning Gwent YFC Entertainment Feast which has helped subsidise many activities for the remainder of our YFC year.

Work Within the Community:

Within the community we have helped support the local cricket club as well as activities at the local village hall and stands at local shows to entice new members. Also, this year we have got involved with the Kings Coronation with many of our members volunteering to help out at events in the community.

Favourite Competitions:

Stock judging, sports day, public speaking, flower arranging, woodwork, drama and Tug-of-War – pretty much everything!

How do you use the Welsh Language:

We have a number of fluent Welsh speakers in the club and can and have posted bilingual social media updates. We try to promote Welsh in the club whenever possible and Welsh products as part of our fundraising. We also take part in the Welsh language year book features.

Any other fun facts about the club:

  • We won the entertainment this year for the first time in 25 years.
  • Managed to get 3 tug-of-war teams together for the first time in many years.
  • In the past 5 years we have gone from 6 members to 26 – keeping Abergavenny YFC alive!