November 2023

Dinas Mawddwy YFC

Name of Club:

Dinas Mawddwy

Number of Members:


Where you Meet:

Dinas Mawddwy Village Hall

Describe your Club in 3 words:

Fun, Enthusiastic and Accommodating

Favourite Club Night Activity:

Car Treasure Hunt Night

Fundraising Accomplishments:

We do fundraising activities every year, such as carol singing, concert making and various activities. The club’s ambition in the year 2023 was to host a ‘Conquer the Fleece’ event where members together with local farmers sheared without delay for 24 hours. It was 10 years since the club first hosted it and in order to celebrate the occasion we decided to do it again. The club collected over £25,000 with proceeds going to two charities close to members’ hearts namely the DPJ Foundation and Bronglais Chemotherapy Unit, and a donation to the Dinas Mawddwy village hall where the event was held. As a club we are very grateful for all the support we have had from sponsors, local farmers to help us organise and run the event, all the volunteers helping with the bar, the food and the run of the event and everyone who came to see the event on the day.

Work Within the Community:

There is a close-knit community here in Dinas Mawddwy and the young farmers are a big part of it. We participate in events in the area; singing carols to light the village Christmas tree, a stand at the village Christmas fair, being part of the hall committee, doing activity at the Dinas Mawddwy Show in the summer, stewarding a local car rally and stewarding at our County Show and many of our members are part of the village drama company. We also host a variety of entertainment evenings for residents in the area so they can see the talent at the club and all the items we are preparing for the eisteddfod and half an hour of entertainment/drama/pantomime.

Favourite Competitions:

The entertainment banquet competitions are always fun ones and the club loves to compete in them; be it half an hour of entertainment, drama or pantomime. Any excuse for the boys to be able to dress up as girls!

How do you use the Welsh Language:

The Welsh language is important to us and is used throughout our club. All members speak Welsh so the club nights, competitions and socialising take place through the Welsh medium.