Counties head to Aberystwyth for Wales YFC Sports Day Finals 

Wales YFC members proved this weekend that they are competitive on and off the field not only with farming but also with sport! Throughout the day, members from all corners of Wales competed in basketball, dodgeball, rounders and hockey to see who would be crowned champions of the sports day finals.  

Ladies Rounders 

The morning started with ladies’ rounders consisting of teams of 9; Gwent and Carmarthenshire were first to play against each other, it was close competition throughout with Carmarthenshire beating Gwent 7-6. However, it was Ceredigion ladies that were untouchable all day beating Gwent 13-4.5 rounders and then winning by 5 rounders against Carmarthenshire in the final.  

Men’s Rush Hockey 

Senior men took on the challenge of rush hockey, in this competition teams of five members from each competing county had the task of beating the other teams’ defence. Ceredigion were the first team to battle it out against Gwent, the rules meant that no team was allowed a goalkeeper so once Gwent managed to get past Ceredigion’s tricky defence, they took the match. The morning continued with fierce competition which left Carmarthenshire and Gwent in the final, the scores were close all the way through but in the end, Carmarthenshire proved the stronger side winning the hockey final. 

Mixed Dodgeball 

In this year’s mixed dodgeball competition, junior members were required to eliminate all the other teams’ members; teams were ruthless in their play and after a brilliant first few rounds, that highlighted the sporting ability of the members. Six counties were represented in the mixed dodgeball. It was Carmarthenshire and Radnor that made it to the finals with the final score being 3-2 to Carmarthenshire.  

Mixed Basketball 

In the afternoon junior members battled it out on the court in the mixed basketball; there was 

fierce competition between the teams of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. Teams displayed their impressive passing, tapping, throwing, rolling, and dribbling techniques. The first round saw impressive play from the junior members of Pembrokeshire as they beat Ceredigion 21-11; Ceredigion then faced Carmarthenshire however they could not get past Carmarthenshire’s strong defence meaning the final would be the teams of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. 

Ceredigion were awarded 3rd place; Pembrokeshire 2nd place and Carmarthenshire were champions on the basketball! 

Wales YFC would like to extend their sincere congratulations and thanks to everyone involved, especially to all the Judges, Stewards, members, and coaches for the giving of their time and to everyone at Aberystwyth University for use of their sports facilities.