The Wales YFC Centre are preparing to welcome members from all over Wales to the Royal Welsh Showground to compete in the Wales YFC Festival of Public Speaking on Sunday 22nd March starting at 9am and continuing throughout the day.

There will be an opportunity for members to compete in a wide range of styles through the medium of Welsh and English to improve their reading skills, expressing their opinion, debating and discussing topics. Once again the competition will be fierce and the standard high with results being close amongst the members.

There will also be an opportunity to let off steam with two dance competitions namely street dance and Cheer leading and there is a golden opportunity for members to practice their interview technique with the Situations vacant competition.

Judges from all over Wales have committed to the difficult task of splitting hairs to make a decision on the winners in each section.

According to Erica Swan chairman of the competitions sub–committee “After weeks of practising, it will be amazing to witness the results of hard work and dedication from the members coming to its climax at the Public Speaking Festival. We are extremely grateful to the members, past members, trainers, friends and parents who have been preparing and training the members. The public speaking day gives fantastic opportunities for members  to gain confidence in speaking publicly and this opens doors for more unique opportunities for them. So we open our doors and welcome everyone to join us to see the skill of public speaking at its best.”

Blas Brycheiniog catering company will also be at the event to offer a cup of tea, fabulous food and some wonderful cakes during the day for all competitors and supporters to keep you going for the duration so join us.