Wales YFC Positive Vibes

Every Wednesday at approximately 11:30am throughout the month of January, Caryl Haf, Wales YFC Vice-Chair shared her thoughts for the week with the nation. 

Speaking on Bore Cothi, the BBC Radio Wales mid- morning show, Caryl featured on ‘Munud i Feddwl’ – similar to the widely known ‘Thought of the Day’ on BBC Radio Four. During the month Caryl reflected on many issues and themes that are part and parcel of life. From sharing her New Year’s resolution – a bad idea some may argue, especially on national radio, to discussing Young  Farmers Clubs’ and the positive impact they have on communities – during and beyond the pandemic. Caryl covered a range of topics that helped provoke the mind. 

A firm favourite amongst the Wales YFC Staff and Officers and the Radio Cymru listeners alike was her use of the theme ‘memories’. At times like these, reminiscing memories from the pre-Covid era is something we all find ourselves doing regularly. Although it’s important to look back and smile at days gone by, it’s equally as vital to remember that there are better days to come.  

It would seem that this custom of sharing positive thoughts or ‘vibes’ as they’re more popularly known today has succeeded in manifesting a boost for the future of Wales YFC. It was announced by our Chair, Katie Davies in the most recent Wales YFC Council meeting that the movement’s application to the Cultural Recovery Fund had been successful. This, in addition to the continued support of our loyal members, supporters and volunteers will be a great help towards securing the longevity of Wales’ largest bilingual rural youth organisation.  

Daw enfys wedi’r glaw.