Wales YFC responds to Welsh Government announcement

At Wales YFC we are passionate about the environment and firmly believe that one pollution incident is one too many.  However members of the Rural Affairs committee, as well as the wider membership have expressed their disappointment to a pan Wales approach to NVZ regulations, released last week by Welsh Government.  The introduction of a pan Wales approach, which will cover an area more than 40 times larger than the current NVZ is of grave concern and disproportionate to what had previously been considered.

These regulations will not only impact agricultural business but also the wider rural communities and the next generation of farmers.  During this already difficult time for an industry under significant pressure, this announcement will only add additional stress to farming families across Wales.

As an organisation we want to reassure our members that we will work closely with the agricultural unions, ensuring that the voice of the next generation is heard and as always Wales YFC is here to support you.