From the language of love, to newsworthy reads; butchering to student life – Wales YFC are launching a new and exclusive service to its members, free of charge.

Launching on Monday 15th March YFC members will be introduced to a new kind of Covid-19 club night, with the first ‘Unlocking the Potential’ workshop.

The first workshop will be led by multi-award winning butcher, Mr. Rob Rattray, with members having the opportunity to learn how to cut and prepare a lamb carcass.

Other workshops coming soon include;

‘Tricks of the trade’ and ‘how to’s’ from Sionedd Hughes, an award winning floral art competitor; and

Llinos Foulkes, owner of Cacennau’r Llys teaching cake decoration.

For those members who prefer more of a challenge, then YFC has workshops for everyone.

A thought-provoking evening with our partners, Welsh Water, is on the cards as part of the first term of ‘Unlocking your potential’ workshops, Members will be challenged to consider water efficiency, and factors that would benefit their homes and farms in relation to water. Discussion topics will include money saving tips and consideration of the current NVZ guidelines – the session will be sure to spark ideas and inspire the next generation of Welsh farmers.

For more information on the ‘Unlocking your potential’ workshops take a look at all the sessions on offer, and register your interest today on

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